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Web design, development and internet marketing

Most of this page explains the process of website development as well as providing information on the services we provide. Open Web Design can plan and implement static HTML websites as well as dynamic data driven websites.

Website planning

1.     Requirements gathering

This is a business analysis phase to collect information to help us design the best site for your business. Open Web Design focuses on:

We will usually ask you for the following information:

2.     Proposal and quote

Open Web Design will do some research on your industry and provide a proposal and quote. We can provide more than one proposal and quote so that you get a feel for the cost and benefits of different options.

3.     Gathering material

The materials that are needed to develop the site include:

Material should be supplied in digital format. High resolution photos are preferred as we can then convert them to any size we need. We can help you get the material together or leave it to you. Who does what, will have been decided on in the proposal phase.

Once most of the graphical material is in place, we can start building your website.

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Website design

This phase involves:

A draft will then be submitted for your approval. Once the draft has been approved or redesigned and approved then the rest of the build can continue:

Final approval and final payment occurs before the website goes live.

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Search engine optimisation

1.     Initial search engine optimisation

When someone performs a search on the internet using a search engine, such as Google or Yahoo, there are usually thousands, if not millions of results. The process of getting your website listed close to the top of these results for chosen words and phrases, is know as search engine optimisation (SEO). SEO is important as it allows people looking for your service or product to find your website.

Open Web Design perform initial SEO as a matter of course during the requirements and development phases of building a website. We research the competition and work together with you in determining which search terms people looking for your business would type into their browser. Then we work out which of your website pages will target each chosen search term and make sure the term is included in the content of a page.

2.     Ongoing search engine optimisation

The internet is an ever-changing market place. New websites go online all the time, search engines change their ranking algorithms and people change their search habits. This means that search engine optimisation is an ongoing process.

To rank at all for chosen search terms it is first necessary to have those terms in the content of your website. Content is not the only criteria that search engines use when deciding which websites are relevant to a user's request. Another major factor is how popular your website is perceived in the internet community. Popularity is determined by the number and quality of links from other websites to your website. Building link popularity is an important and ongoing process as it not only helps in search engine ranking but the links can bring visitors from other sites to your site.

Link building is an ongoing process much akin to traditional networking in business. One way, inward links from good websites that are relevant to your industry are the best types of links. Reciprocal linking between complementary websites is still an important way to gain link popularity. Links from directories can also help with your website's search engine ranking.

Usability of your website is becoming an important factor in search engine optimisation with Google. Google is the most popular search engine in the world today. Usability is partially determined by how many pages in your website a user visits and how long their visit lasts for. Another usability aspect is freshness of content in your site. This can be reflected in the frequency of return visitors.

In summary, ongoing search engine optimisation involves:

Open Web Design can provide an ongoing SEO package that is tailored to your website's needs, either doing it for you or helping you with it. We can provide reports on your website's current performance. We can perform or help you with a link building campaign or suggest ways to keep your content fresh and interesting. Please contact Karen for more information on an SEO package to suit your website's needs.

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Internet marketing

Open Web Design's internet marketing services include:

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Website maintenance

We provide ongoing maintenance of websites. If you are thinking of changing website designers we are happy to discuss any issues you have. We can provide a good level of service with timely and well thought out changes that improve your website's appearance. Or perhaps you are happy with the site's look and feel but need some assistance in keeping the site up to date. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Website redesign

Whether it be a change designed as a face lift, re-organisation for ease of use or change of functionality, we are happy to discuss your requirements. Open Web Design make recommendations based on the cost and benefits of different changes using your business objectives and market conditions as the basis for our proposal.

** Website redesign SEO consultation **

Thinking of having your website redesigned, or perhaps you already have a redesign proposal in place?   STOP!   I have seen websites lose 75% of their visitors after redesigns. An SEO consult will:

You can share this document with your preferred website designer or ask us for a redesign quote.

Prices for an SEO website redesign consultation start from $500 plus GST for Australian customers. Cost depends on the size and complexity of the existing and proposed website.

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Choosing and registering a domain name

The domain name is the name that your website will be known as on the internet. When someone is viewing your website the domain name is shown in the address bar of their internet browser.

There are two parts to domain names. The first part is usually the business name or a phrase related to the website's products and services. The second part categorizes the domain which can be thought of as the 'sphere of influence' or type of organisation that the website belongs to. In this instance the domain is "". ".com" denotes that the site is in the commercial domain and ".au" is the country-code top level domain for Australia. Global domains include .biz, .com, .info, .net and .org. These are repeated along with the suffix for the country code for each country.

The rules and requirements for registering domain names vary according to the suffix (eg .com or .biz) and the country. International domains are generally less regulated than country level domains. If you want to target customers in a specific country then a country-code domain is probably right for you.

If you are just starting out in business and do not have a business name yet and if you think that potential customers will find out about you via the internet it is worth considering a domain name and possibly a business name that describes your products or services. Having a domain name related to your product or service will help your search engine ranking for that product. Your website is then more likely to show up when potential customers search on a term containing your product or service.

If you already have a business running then the domain names to consider will probably be your business name or abbreviations of it. You might also want to consider registering other names that are relevant to your business to help drive relevant internet traffic to your website.

Top level domains can be registered for periods of 1 year or more. Australian domains can be registered for periods of 2 years or more.

See Prices for more information on domain name registration.

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Choosing a website hosting package

A website host is the computer where your website is located. This computer needs to have a 24/7 connection to the internet and configured to run many types of software including software that enables your pages to be viewed and interacted with by others on the internet.

A web hosting package includes:

Make sure your web hosting package:

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Computer programming

Need a computer programmer? Then please get in contact. We have skills in:

Our strong analysis and design skills mean that you get a piece of software built to do exactly what you want it to.

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