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The Open Web Design approach:

Open communication: We build a collaborative relationship with our customers through the exchange of knowledge. We explain web marketing and technology in lay-person's terms. Our customers know their business better than anyone and share their experience with us. The advantages of an open approach are:

Flexible working methods: Some customers want to leave all the 'techie' stuff to the experts. Others want to be 'hands on' updating and maintaining a website themselves. Both scenarios are valid and appropriate for different businesses. We can:

Advice and planning: It is quite unusual to be able to deal with someone like Karen Walsh, who has such a broad set of technical, design, marketing and business skills. This means that projects achieve their aims, as they are well thought out and planned appropriately at each stage of development.

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Setting up a website - the process

This is a very brief check list of the steps involved in setting up a website.

  1. Registering a domain name - The domain name is the unique name for your website that will be matched to an address on the internet.
  2. Website development - The process of designing and building the pages, images, and interactivity of your website.
  3. Website hosting - Once your site has been made, the files need to be located on a computer with web serving software that is connected to the internet 24/7.
  4. Internet marketing and search engine optimization - keeping your website visible on the internet.

See Services for more detailed information.

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Industry experience

Karen Walsh Karen Walsh is the owner and analyst web designer at Open Web Design. She has 30 year's experience in industry and a BSc First Class Honours in Computing and Information Systems attained in the year 2000 in London.

Karen has worked in many industries including insurance, government, legal, media and small business primarily in office administration.

Since 1998, Karen has worked as a business analyst, software designer, computer programmer and trainer in the telecommunications, legal and financial planning industries. Web design and marketing projects include interior furnishings, real estate, transport and holiday and business accommodation.

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